We have a small, beautiful churchyard which surrounds St. Peter’s on all four sides. It’s possible to stand in the churchyard and look East over part of the village and the field which used to contain the old Stainby Manor House before it was demolished.

We are currently in the process of planning to create a small garden on the North East side of the churchyard as a place of rest and contemplation and quiet relaxation.

Looking East through the churchyard and out over the field. This was taken in 2019 when we did a major tidy-up of the churchyard and graves on the North side.
Celtic Cross looking East
Celtic Cross detail
View out of the front door.
Our new path! This might seem like a small thing, but to us having a lovely new path that will outlast us all is a wonderful thing which brought us all together.
Old Gravestones
Old Gravestone
Gravestone of Elizabeth Hotghin, 1819-1833? Can you find the entry of Elizabeth’s burial in the Church Records?
Old Gravestone
Old Gravestone
In the process of tidying up! In 2019 as well as re-gravelling the main church path we used the old gravel to tidy up some of the graves. It’s not the best picture but it is an example of how even something small can make a difference.
Another view looking East. This clearly shows the old path before it was redone in 2019.