Welcome to Saint Peter’s Stainby

The original Church and picket fence by the dirt-track lane. A photo dating from around 1901 we think.

Stainby is small rural hamlet. The population and church community are made up of commuters and their families, farmers and their families and retired people. There are no shops and the church is the only community building.

We are a family-friendly, mixed congregation, of all ages, who are open, welcoming, generous, friendly and fun. We are neither High Church nor Low Church, but rather, we believe that “God is Love” and want to be encouraged by our worship. Our services are family focused and followed by delicious ‘bring and share’ refreshments with Pimms in the summer and mulled wine in the winter.

The church has no heating, no water and no toilets. There are four gas heaters! They make some small difference but mainly people just wrap up warmly!

We are planning to illuminate the church steeple so that in the evenings it may light the way for our community as a symbol of God’s love on their evening journey home.

All God’s animals welcome! This is a photo from one of our Pet Services which happens on our Patronal Festival of St. Peter’s Day – 29th June. So we have a Pet Service and Flower Festival. The service is always followed by a bring-and-share picnic in the churchyard with Pimms and lemonade!
Another photo from another Pet Service! The ponies come every year! As the Service involves blessing all of the lovely pets we have to be a bit careful about sheep and ponies in the church! So far so good though …. no ‘mishaps’ that have needed to be cleaned up so far! The lamb is a bottle-fed, hand reared one from the farm opposite the Church, It was the first time it had ever been on a lead and did really well!