Our Building

From the North looking South West
From the East looking West
A Rural Idyll …
Tower from the South side
Tower from the North side
Worn Flagstones
Wears the stone … yes it does doesn’t it …
East End view from O/S. This is the outside view of the stained glass window above the alter. You can see some of the cleaning that is required caused by rain water and the weather against the leadwork.
1846 Original Oak Front Door. With its wrought iron fittings, this is the main West door for the congregation. Sadly, thieves stole the original round handle when they were trying to get in. Manor Welding from Buckminster (the next village going West), kindly made us a replacement so at least we can get in now! In fact, there’s a particular way of using the key and the handle together to be able to open the door … it’s a secret handed on from each Church Warden to the next Church Warden over the years …
Clock on the Bell Tower. North side view (we have another clock face, identical, on the South Side)
North side clock face showing a bit more detail
North side clock face with even more detail, which also shows some of the restoration and repair work that’s required.
One of the exterior faces ‘guarding’ one of the 3 exterior doors into the congregational part of the church (now the Vestry).
The other stone face ‘guarding’ the Exterior Vestry door at the base of the door arch. As you can see from the metal grid covering the door, this entrance is no longer used. We think that the door was closed and covered after WWII. We no longer have a key.
We know that stone from the previous building was reused. This is a very old exterior stone carved face of an angel. Could it be Medieval?
Medieval Stone Carved Face? Exterior. Could this be the oldest carved stone face we have?
Chancel Arch, Rood Screen and Internal Roof Trusses. This wonderful picture shows the size and magnificence of the Chancel Arch, and two of the rare painted metal arch decorations.
Wooden Rood Screen showing the size and magnificence of the Rood Screen across the Chancel Arch. You can also see the wooden statue by the pulpit and the ‘crossed keys’ of the Pulpit Embroidery. Interestingly, the keys are representative of the main West (front) door key.
Ecclesiastical air vents!